Event Videography

Memorable event recap videos and livestreams that encapsulate the emotions and memories of attendees and hosts alike.

Vybe Event Videography Breakaway Music Festival

How Vybe Does Event Videos

Vybe breaks down our projects into simple steps for our creative projects and clients.
This gives us the ability to deliver your project in a transparent, efficient manner,
and gives you the confidence of knowing exactly where you’re at in the process.




Final Approval


The Gameplan

We start by getting together with you and discussing what your event is about, and how to tackle your video needs, location, budget, and timeframe. 

Once we’ve reached a transparent plan of action for your event videography, we’ll send you a digital quote via your e-mail. From this e-mail, you can accept your quote, pay, and view your receipts and agreements – from anywhere, on any device.


Producing Your Video

When you arrive on location, a Vybe media specialist will greet you and walk you through the itinerary and plan of your shoot. 

Once you’re ready to go and production equipment is live, it’s go time. To make sure you get the most out of your production time, our media specialists will direct and coach you through the shoot, scene by scene, shot by shot, piece by piece. 


Editing Your Video

Once the lights goes off and your event is over, your project moves to the post-production stage. From here, we will crawl, select, and edit the footage we’ve accrued into the final product: your new event video.

We scan every second of footage for the best highlights – our media specialists work hard to capture the aura of your event by fine-tuning parameters like angle selection, color grading, and VFX.

Vybe Event Videography Breakaway Music Festival


Finishing Up

After your video has been edited, Vybe will deliver the video in a digital format, with resizing options for social media and other placements. But, we’re not quite done yet.


We feel that servicing our artists and clients is a privilege. And because of that, our projects are only complete once you have confirmed that you are satisfied with your new music video. 

Event Videos by Vybe

The Vybe Experience

Our team of digital media experts will work diligently with you, promoters, and venue staff through the entire process of shooting to ensure maximum content with minimum disruption.


Walkthrough of venue to plan camera placements


Coaching performers on positions, movements, and angles


Minimal visibility of production team during event