Promotional Video

With the explosion of e-commerce comes the need for high-quality, engaging marketing and advertising videos. Vybe’s got you covered.

Vybe Studios Promotional Videos and Ads

How Vybe Creates Ads & Promos

We know time is money in the business world – that’s why Vybe breaks our projects down into clear, easy-to-understand steps for our clients. We deliver your project in a transparent, efficient manner, and gives you the confidence of knowing exactly how the production process will take place.




Final Approval


The Project Brief

We start off your project with a kickoff meeting to discuss  the amount of creatives needed, the platform that they will be displayed on, scripts and storyboards, and branding guidelines.

Once we’ve gotten a better scope and deeper understanding of your project, we’ll send you a digital quote via your e-mail. From this e-mail, you can accept your quote, pay, and view your receipts and agreements – from anywhere, on any device.


Producing Your Video

Once we’ve planned out your creatives, Vybe will provide all equipment and casting resources necessary to completion. 

But, we definitely don’t mind if you sit in. In fact, most of our clients prefer to have a representative on set to ensure that the script and production of the video(s) aligns with their vision.


Editing Your Video

Once filming comes to a wrap, your project moves to the post-production phase. In this phase, we will crawl, select, and edit the footage we’ve accrued into the final product: promotional content that inspires and converts.

Our video editing team works from your creative guidelines to ensure that your video aligns to your brand, while still feeling native to the platform and providing enough value to remain engaging.


Finishing Up

After your video has been shot and edited, Vybe will digitally deliver your new music video in the correct format specifications for every placement in your plan. But, we’re not quite done yet.


To ensure your satisfaction, we’ll have one final meeting to confirm the quality, formatting, and delivery of your promotional content.

Businesses We’ve Helped

Take a look at some of the businesses that we’ve helped in accomplishing their goals with the power of beautifully crafted digital media.


Affordable advertising media services for small businesses


We also generate photo & video creatives for marketing and advertising teams


Scripting, production, design - we cover it all from A to Z.